Moving Ahead....

Today, I sent off the signed copy of the proposal and fee budget for the schematic plans for the MSP.  It is a significant step towards "hammers hitting the walls".  

Perhaps you are like me and think, "Man, this is taking forever!"  :)
Let us take heart, the front-end of the project takes time and doesn't produce "visible" results.  
Our friends at KDG (the architect group we've contracted with) have given us a projected time table with benchmarks.  

Begin Schematic Design May 9th, 2019 

Schematic Design Due  May 24, 2019

Begin Soliciting to General Contractors May 24, 2019

Design Development Due June 28, 2019

Invitation to  General Contractors  July 1, 2019

Interview  General Contractors   July 19, 2019

Select  General Contractor July 26, 2019

Construction Docs Due August 30, 2019

Submit for Building Permit September 3, 2019

Begin Demolition/ Construction September 9, 2019

Deliver Project to Church December 2019

As you can see, the "front-end" of the project is almost equal to the "hammer in the walls" time.  We are making progress and hope to see some portions expedited.  That said, we understand that this is a process to benefit the future of the church over the next 20 years, so we will not be anxious over extra time in the present. 

Thank you for your patience.

If you ever have questions or desire an update, please don't hesitate to reach out to me personally via phone, e-mail, or ask in person.

Pastor Paul