Spring Fever

Last Fall, Laurie and I had the opportunity to plant in our flower beds as we actively prepared for the coming winter. As a transplant from the great state of California I anxiously looked forward to the end of winter and transition into spring. When the flowers and foliage began to appear, I daily would “inspect” the new growth. Each day, Laurie would laugh at me as I “made the rounds,” checking on the status of my estate. A little anxious? Well yes, this strong sense of restlessness grips me each year. Often, the arrival of this season correlates with the dreaded spring fever! Have you caught it? You might say that it is a myth, but I believe it’s true! While behavioral scientists have not yet been able to pinpoint specific scientific evidence to the mood changes experienced by humans -- many have the urge to get outside and do something! Church, as we move into the spring (and then summer) seek to refocus your priorities to match the new life that Christ has called us to!

Soccer, summer camps, vacation, movies, King’s Island, and camping trips… So many good things happen as school comes to a close and summer begins. But what counts for eternity? Don’t clutter out your responsibilities to Jesus with more-than-necessary events. Activities can be a good way to unwind and relax and no doubt it may be deserved after a long time of faithfulness in your job or at school. However, do you find yourself too busy to talk to others about Jesus? Do your activities focus more on your own personal needs and wants? Follower of Christ, don’t disconnect from your church with endless busyness in purposeless events! Don't let it be said that you are too tired to make it to church on a Wednesday or Sunday night? Sure we can be faithful when the kids are in Awana (they beg us to go…lol) but what about my spiritual need for the Word? When summer hits, do you find yourself cluttered with many activities that do not have significant spiritual benefits? Refocus your goals on eternity. Balance your desire for rest and fun with a healthy desire to please your Savior! Jesus said that were are to seek his kingdom first and his righteousness. Paul in reference to his end-of-life goals said: “wherefore we labour, that, whether present or absent, we may be accepted of him.” Each day, Paul’s goal was to please Jesus and set his mind on the eternal rather than the temporary things of life. (Col. 3)

With the conclusion of Easter, we are looking forward to the many activities that are coming quickly. There is a sense of restlessness with spring fever gripping many. Don’t check out. Engage for the gospel. Let’s look at these upcoming months as greater opportunities to grow, follow, and impact others for Jesus!

-Pastor Jordan