Planting Churches Plant

So its that time of year where we can finally, hopefully, maybe not have any more freezing weather ( is Ohio...don't hold me to this).  Everywhere there are advertisements saying we ought to buy flowers and vegetables for planting.  They're on the radio, in the paper, in your inbox, and plastered on the windows of stores.  You don't hardly make your morning or evening commute without seeing someone out doing something with their garden.  Why? Because planting leads to plants (I know, my education is showing 😂 ).  Yet, the immediate results will not be seen for some time to come.  This reality does not stop us from planting because we know how the process works.  

Last Fall, our church partnered with one of our supported missionaries, Brad Henderson, to raise funds for a new church building in Endesak, Tanzania.  It was awesome to be a part of raising $8k+ of the $24k need.  Going back to my earlier revelation- planting leads to plants, let us rejoice now six months later at what is taking place!!!

Update from April 19th
Dear Pastor, Family and Friends, 

Thank you once again for your investment in the EBC building project. We are thankful to the Lord that this project has seen good success. We are also thankful that one of the builders has begun attending our Sunday morning service. Please pray for Emmanuel to soon trust Christ alone as his Savior. Please pray for the other 10 men who are on the property. As they come in contact with the WORD through our lives, speech and actions that they too would see their need for Christ.  

In Christ, The Hendersons Your Missionaries to Tanzania

Update from May 16th
Dear Pastor, Family and Friends, 

Thank you again for your investment in this building project. It has been a blessing to see how God is using your investment to expand His Kingdom and build the local Church. The EBC believers have been very faithful to come and work along side the builders to carry sand, water, cement and stones. It is exciting to see their excitement. We are also thankful that through their testimonies and witness we have seen 2 of the builders trust Jesus Christ as Savior! As the pictures show below, the walls are almost complete and Lord willing next week they will begin constructing and raising the trusses.  In Christ,  The Hendersons Your Missionaries to Tanzania

Faith Baptist- BE ENCOURAGED about how God used your giving last Fall to make a difference TODAY in Tanzania.

- Pastor Paul

Fallen People, Faithful God

Recently in the One Cause Ministry, we began a sermon series through the Old Testament book of Judges. Judges ismy favorite book in the entire Old Testament. Equally filled with amazing, heroic acts of faith and dubious and cowardly acts of unbelief, there is one constant throughout Judges--God's faithfulness. While the book overwhelmingly shows the fallen nature of man that knows no bounds, it triumphantly declares God's faithfulness, mercy, and grace to His people, Israel. 

As we began the series just this month, I tried to focus our attention on some very specific themes throughout Judges as we study through it. Really, these truths can be seen throughout both the Old and New Testaments, not just Judges. What can be learned from a book thevividly, and sometimes graphically displays the sinful, fallen nature of man?

1. God relentlessly offers His grace to people who do not deserve it, seek it, or even appreciate it after they have been saved by it—The book of Judges is not about a series of role models, the point is to show that the only true Savior is the Lord. Judges isultimately about grace abounding to even the worst of sinners. God’s grace is able even beyond the stupidest acts.

2. God wants lordship over every area of our lives, not just some—God wanted Israel to take the whole land of Canaan, but instead, they cleared out only some and learned to live with idols. Essentially, they neither wholly rejected God nor wholly accepted Him. Halfway discipleship and compromise is an impossible, unstable compound as Judges depicts. God wants all of us, not just some.

3. There is a need for continual spiritual renewal in our lives—Judges shows a spiritual decline to be inevitable and that spiritual renewal is a continual need. Read through Judges and you will see regular and repeated cycles of this taking place. The key often lacking in Judges is finding and following the source for continued renewal—God alone.

4. God is in charge, no matter what it looks like—What should be the most obvious theme may be the easiest to miss! God often seems absent from the craziness of Judges, but He never is. He is at work through weak people and in spite of weak people. One man stated, “The mills of God may grind slow, but they grind exceeding fine.”

I hope you will read, study, and even meditate in and on the book of Judges, with this kind of fresh perspective. While we are a fallen people, we have a faithful God.

- Pastor David

Just Newlyweds...

Many people throughout my life have asked the question? “Jordan, does anything get you mad or upset?” To be quite honest, there are not many things that frustrate/bother/irritate me. Certain things will get my voice to raise… Laurie can attest to multiple heated theological phone debates (not with her…lol), but for the most part, I’d like to think that I am pretty easy going.

[Insert Rant Article Here]

There is something that certainly does make me scratch my head… Over the past year, as I have interacted in this “new” endeavor called marriage, I have heard individuals say things like: “Aww, look at them, they are just newlyweds.” While the physical reality of my wife and I being just married is true, there is often a connotation that comes with the comment or thought. Please allow me to explain.

Certain things that I do to express my love for my wife such as holding her hand, opening the door, offering praise (and other things) are categorized in the “newlywed” bin. As if these things are what you do when you are first married. We look at it as if that's something that used to be, but now we’re past that stage. Now, please do not misunderstand me… If you do not open the door for your wife, I’m not saying that you do not love her. However, are there things that you used to do in this “newlywed” stage to show that you loved or cared for your spouse? I realize that this is different for every relationship, but are there things that have been dropped out of the “newlywed” stage?

Ephesians 5 is claimed to be a pivotal passage in regards to the marriage relationship. The simplicity of Scripture is easier read, than done, but notice the verse below.

Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; -Ephesians 5:25

I have one simple thought in regards to this verse and article. Paul does not break up the thought of marriage and love into differing stages. He simply says, “husbands love your wives.” Love in this passage is a present, active verb. That means day-by-day, year-by-year, continually love your spouse.

I’m determined, to never leave the “newlywed” stage. 5, 10, 15 years down the road I want to keep doing things that show my wife that I love her. While that is different in every relationship, the question remains: Have you left the newlywed stage?

-Bro. Jordan