Summer Time and the Living Is....

Easy! Isn't that how the old song goes?

I remember most of my summers as a young boy as just that! My tough choices consisted of riding my bike endless miles throughout our neighborhood, playing computer games, playing football or basketball, being a "helpful" older brother or "helpful" younger brother to my siblings, you get the idea. LIFE WAS EASY!

As adults, sometimes the summers "feel" really complicated- doing stuff with the kids as they are out of school, experiencing HVAC problems, figuring out and getting ready for vacation, yardwork....endless yardwork. Can I give us a few thoughts to enjoy an easy summer?

#1- Get up a bit earlier......"Really? Starting with that thought pastor?" YES! The sun comes up and beckons us to get out of bed. Don't slink down to the table and bemoan being up- Go for a walk! Drink your coffee on the porch with your spouse (for non-coffee drinkers, get your heart right...). Lay out a blanket or yoga mat to stretch, then pray on outside. Wake the kids up for an early breakfast (they'll love you for it...not really). Plan to meet a friend from the community or church community for breakfast. Use it before we lose it....curse you winter.

#2- Choose a Bible character to read about- Choose someone, look up the references with their life events, and watch how God worked in their life. Maybe it's King David, the prophets, Joshua, Job, Dr. Luke, Hannah, Eve, Naomi, Lois, Martha. Put yourself in their shoes, in their time, in their culture; an ordinary person with an extraordinary God!

#3- Come to Church, Go Out After- The first part seems like a duh but often people seem to struggle with assembling in the summer. Dad, Mom, don't let the lack of kids programs keep you from spending time together as a family at church! May we all enjoy assembling as Christ's Church, celebrating the reality that He is our risen King and not let that get crowded out with summer time activities. After Church lets out in the morning or evening, go out! Invite someone to get a Frosty...your treat! Go play volleyball at Delco. Grab a pizza and talk about what God is doing in your life!

#4- Decide to Be a Blessing- Summer is often thought about in terms of ease. Let's flip the script a bit by determining we will serve someone each week in some capacity. Maybe mow your neighbor's yard (WARNING, if they are one of those crazy lawn people...let's not do that..during the day...when they can see you). Maybe ask about a widow's needs at church from a deacon or pastoral staff member. Maybe surprise a coworker with a gift-card and DONE book from church. Decide you will give an extra level of attention to how God wants to use you to be a conduit of blessing to someone else this summer. These are some simple, easy choices that will fill up our summer with blessing. BTW- I'll buy the Frosties this Sunday PM after church.

Pastor Paul