What is Peace?

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Isaiah 26:3

Trials are difficult. It can truly be hard to focus on what is important when it feels like your entire world is crashing down. I have been there in my own life. Whether it is a family situation that you can’t seem to handle or fix, a situation at work that is making it difficult to keep going, or financially you just don’t know how it is all going to make sense. God is there. God knows and He understands. Now, I am not trying to preach a prosperity gospel here trying to say that if you believe in God everything is going to be okay and you’ll have money and your family will be perfectly happy or any of that. What I am saying, however, is that you aren’t alone. The Bible says in this passage that God will keep the man in perfect peace who is focused on Him. God is the only source for true peace in our lives.

It has been said that every person is either in a trial or about to go into a trial. While that statement might not be that biblical, it can oftentimes be very true. Trials do happen in our lives, so how do we find peace? How do we stay right-side-up when the world gets turned upside-down?

First, we need to recognize the person of peace. God is the only source of peace because he in himself is peace. God can give us peace and keep us in peace because it is who he is. It is when we begin to rely on ourselves or our situations to give us peace that often times we became fearful. Peter walking on water is a great example of this. Christ contained the ability to be at peace, not Peter or the angry waves around him. To find peace, we must first recognize it can only be found in God.

Second, we need to understand the constant of this peace. The verse states “Thou wilt keep” or in other words, “You will keep.” This is not fickle. God’s peace in our life is absolute. When we turned and recognize we need God to find peace, we will get it. In that moment, we need to also understand that this peace will only last as long as our determination to focus on God. He will keep the one whose mind is stayed on Him. As long as we are focusing on God being our peace, we will have peace.

Last, we need to rest in God’s perfect peace. Have you ever had those moments that were so peaceful you didn’t want to live where you were? Whether it was some vacation where maybe you crawled up with a book or took a nap at a beach, we have all had those moments. With four siblings growing up, I did not have many and the ones I did have were usually interrupted and ruined. When we have God as our PERFECT peace, nothing can ruin it! God wants us to understand that in Him, when we are focused on Him, no circumstance, trial, or struggle can take away the peace we find in Him.

- Bro. Derek