Setting our Sights on Summer

No doubt one of the greater adjustments to those that live in a cooler climate is the reality of the impending winter. As winter approaches, most of us happily retreat into our warm and comfortable homes avoiding all “opportunity” to “enjoy” the “refreshing” outdoors. Having experienced this pattern for two winters, I now realize just how important summer is in our community. As the weather warms up, I find myself talking with neighbors regularly. From the casual walk to just finishing up my lawn there is always someone to talk to on these warm spring/summer nights. Church, with the weather change we have great opportunities to steward the gospel to those around us personally. In addition, to these personal gospel opportunities our church begins to focus in unique ways in regards to our community.

Kidz Blast & Teen Extreme. Sunday, June 23 - Thursday, June 27 Kidz Blast & Teen Exteme is our church hosted evangelistic outreach opportunity. Our theme this year is “The Incredible Race.” Each child will enjoy games, skits, music, and a teaching time each night. The program will begin at 6:30pm with registration starting at 6:00pm. Our students will be helped through practical preaching and epic games each evening. Kidz Blast & Teen Extreme is possible through the many volunteers who have signed up to help.

Church in the Park Wednesdays in July Following the Fourth of July, our church will be split up into two smaller groups for “Church in the Park.” We have reserved shelters in Delco Park (Kettering) & Rotary Park (Beavercreek) where we will seek to gather each Wednesday for outdoor games, singing, and a short gospel devotional.

Junior & Teen Camp at CoBeAc Monday, July 22 - Monday, July 27
 Do your kids have a friend who wants to go to camp? Camp CoBeAc is an exciting and fun experience where the gospel is presented clearly and effectively during preaching services and sessions.

The great Evangelist D.L Moody used to tell the story of a lady who once criticized his methods of reaching people with the gospel. His reply was ‘I agree with you, I don’t like the way I do it either. She looked at him with astonishment when he asked: “Tell me how do you do it?”  The woman who had criticized replied ‘I don’t do it.’  To which Moody responded ‘I like my way of doing it better than your way of not doing it.’ Shifting seasons equal greater opportunities both personally and through our church! Why not seek to share the gospel with someone even this week.

- Pastor Jordan