What A Pastor Desires of His People

Have you ever wondered what your pastor or a pastor wants to see in and from his people? What expectations or hopes may he have towards you as a church member? Have you ever considered what his spiritual desire for you is? In the first five verses of II Thessalonians 3, Paul provides insight from his own heart regarding what any dedicated, devoted pastor seeks from his people. In this passage, Paul brings out four fundamental desires that he had for the Thessalonian believers.

1. Pastors Desire Their People’s Prayer (1-2)
As I spoke at length this past Sunday night, a godly pastor understands his need and invites the faithful prayer of fellow believers, particularly those in the congregation God has given him to steward. He requests prayer for the success of the Gospel message—that it would have unhindered liberty and freedom, to be exalted in both individual hearts and the community. He requests prayer for his safety as a Gospel ministry—that he would be protected both spiritually and physically, so as to continue sharing the Gospel.

2. Pastors Desire Their People Trust in the Lord (3)
No matter what difficulties a believer may face, a godly pastor knows that the Lord will be faithful to accomplish his purposes in them. God is faithful, so he desires for those in the local church body to trust in the Lord Who will strengthen them inwardly and protect them outwardly from Satan.

3. Pastors Desire Their People’s Obedience to What is Taught (4)
A godly pastor desires for those he under-shepherds to continue in a pattern of obedience to God. As a church’s pastor, he would spend much time studying, praying, teaching, and preaching the Word of God. Upon the authority of Scripture that he properly exegetes and expounds, he calls believers to obedience and adherence to the principles and commandments of God’s Word.

4. Pastors Desire Their People to Grow Spiritually (5)
Because of God’s faithfulness and the power of God’s Word, a godly pastor anticipates the best for the saints he stewards. He desires the Lord to direct the believer’s spiritual growth deeper and deeper into the love of God. He also wishes that God would direct them to grow stronger in the patience of Christ—to learn from the Savior’s example and to be conformed to Savior’s image.

So, to answer the question of what your pastor desires one pastor wrote, “No shepherd of a local congregation could ask more from his flock than that they pray for him, trust in the Lord, obey what is taught from the Word, and grow spiritually.”

-Pastor David