Are You Facing a Battle?

I’m not going to lie, having the opportunity to be part of what God is doing here at Faith Baptist Church is awesome! I enjoy the many items that I accomplish each week as I strive to get through my Todoist App (someone please ask Bro. Keith Shomper if he has reached “Grandmaster” on his Todoist Karma…lol). Perhaps, one of my favorite “tasks” is investing, teaching, and getting to know the individuals in my Age-Bracket Class. Occasionally, the Mosaic class will get a bad rap for its age range of 18-35. We have singles fresh out of high school, singles dating, singles about to get married, married couples with no kids, and married couples with kids. However, if you get to know some of these followers of Jesus, you’ll find many individuals who have a heart for God, a strong desire to serve Christ, and a commitment to grow in grace.

During Age-Bracket class this past week, we started discussing various truths that are needed when temptations to sin arise. Believer, have you ever felt weary in the battle over your sin? If so, what truths do you actively use when you’re fighting temptations that are seeking to dominate your life? The reality is that the conversion of a soul is the miracle of a moment, but the manufacturing of a saint is the task of a lifetime. Here are just a few thoughts that we covered last week:

1) Behind Every Sin and Negative Emotion is a Lie Sin will always have its root in some form of unbelief because behind every sin is a lie. Paul would explain that people are given over to sinful desires because they exchange the truth of God for a lie (Romans 1:24–25). Often we sin because we believe the lie that we are better off without God. This self-sufficient behavior leads us to doubt God and give into temptations.

2) The Truth Sets You Free Recognizing that behind every sin is a lie not only gives us a radical view of sin, but it also points us to the road out of sinful behavior and emotions. What road are you on? The God Trusting Road OR the Lie Believing Road. Trusting God is simply listening to what he says about the abundant life found in Him via Scripture.

3) Become a Preacher of Truth Never in a million years would I have considered myself to one day be “a preacher.” However, all believers must actively preach truth to themselves. Martin Lloyd Jones said, “Have you realized that most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself?” We don’t always feel joy in God, but by faith, we can tell ourselves that he is our joy. When we find ourselves tempted to engage in sin, or when we find that our emotions are getting the better of us, we need to speak truth to our hearts. Simply understanding that “God is all I need,” can make a huge difference in how you approach difficult circumstances.

This “task of a lifetime” is hard, but worth it! Keep fighting the battle over sin and temptation as there is grace and help to be found in Jesus!

-Pastor Jordan

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