The One Constant in Life—Change

It is one of the most difficult paradoxes of our human existence. We like consistency in order to know and set our expectations. When expectations are unsettled, we struggle. Yet, our God, who never changes, delights in change!

Change has taken place throughout our physical universe and existence since the beginning of creation. When we become Christians, we embark on a never-ending quest of being changed! I say it again, our God, who never changes, delights in change. (Ecc. 3:1-8)

What can change do in our lives?

  • It grants us the opportunity to rely upon God—when what we have expectation or confidence in is shaken, it creates a need. Need becomes a conduit for us to seek God's grace and see Him work through our lives (whether the change is desirable or not by our standards).

  • It helps us appreciate who God places in our lives—when there is change in our lives it helps reveal who God has placed around us to encourage us or be encouraged about. Sometimes change adds people into our lives and sometimes it displaces them- both can be sources of thanksgiving. Both allow us to grow in a new way with both God and man.

  • It allows us to grow in contentment—fighting or bemoaning it robs us of contentment, growth, and enjoyment. Because we are "creatures of habit", change seems like the enemy. We are prone to fight against it to keep it from happening (unsuccessfully I might add) or we are tempted to complain about it (as equally unhelpful as fighting it). Paul spoke about the ability, due to the strength of Christ, to endure any changes that took place during his Christian life and ministry.

I could go on, but I think we catch the sense. So, what change is taking place right now in your life and how are you viewing it? If God unsettles some aspect of your life (relationship, job, church-life, etc.), what will your response be?

Our God, who never changes, delights in change.

Pastor Paul