How to Pray for YOUR Missions Team!

Faith Baptist, as you are reading this article YOUR short-term missions team is currently serving in Jamaica! As a team, we are very thankful for the opportunity that God has given us to minister to those in a foreign setting. Not every individual in our church can physically go on a mission trip, however, you can be a vital part of this trip by investing through prayer. You might ask: “Pastor Jordan, how can we specifically pray for you and the Jamaica Missions Team. That is a great question, and thanks for asking!

1) Pray for the Health, Safety, and Travel of the mission team.

Traveling to mission field and encountering new bacteria (internationally) can drastically affect the health and strength of mission team participants. Pray that our team would experience safe travel, health, and physical harm protection while on the mission trip.

2) Pray for our Physical Opportunities

They're many different adjustments that our team is having to make. A unique culture, different people, and different climate. Please pray that we would build good relationships with each other as we make these adjustments enabling us to establish investing relationships with the people of Jamaica. Pray specifically too, for opportunities to share the gospel and encourage the people that we meet.

2) Pray for our Spiritual Protection

Pray that we would be aware of the spiritual battle that we are facing. Satan and his principalities hate anything that is orientated toward Christ’s Kingdom work. Pray that we would be spiritually equipped and that we would have full trust and dependency on Jesus.

3) Pray for our Growing Relationships with God and Others

Pray that we would grow specifically in our relationship with God. Pray that we would know Him more, trust Him and look to Him, both in good and hard times. Pray for our interpersonal relationships, that we would grow together and serve on another.

4) Pray for our Learning

Pray that we would learn of God’s goodness in a different culture. Pray that we would be encouraged by what God is doing in another part of the world. Pray that God would use every situation to teach us about our sinfulness, the need for Him, and His goodness and grace as pictured in the gospel.

5) Pray for our Serving

Pray that we would be used by Him to produce and bear much fruit (John 15:5).

Church, we look forward to being back with you next Sunday. Thank you for “holding the ropes” while we minister abroad.

-Pastor Jordan