The Gospel Call is Upon Us All

This month we've been highlighting our missions philosophy as a church through Bro. Josh Lane's articles. One might wonder why we are trying to facilitate greater communication and participation in our missions program?

Our church has a mission's giving program. Our church has conducted mission trips. Our church hosts missionaries.

Why is this something we seek to continually grow in and discuss as a congregation?

The easy answer is that the Gospel commission or "call" is upon each of us as believers and together as a church body.

It is our main priority to integrate the good news of Christ into each day's interactions. As this happens, opportunities are discovered and created with those whom God has stewarded into our sphere of influence.

This means:

- Each of us are ministering in our own mission field. You don't have to "leave and live in a foreign country" to be used of God with unbelievers. You live next to some, you work next to some, you can visit a missionary short term to help them with some, etc.

- Any of us can be moved at ANY time to the location God wants us to minister in. God may change your job, school, church, staff position, or neighborhood to accomplish the Gospel work that He is working on the grand scale of human history. This includes you, your kids, your best friend, your grandkids, your pastor, your neighbor, or your entire family.

- There are many others already ministering where we work, live, and hang out- we just need to get to know them and encourage one another. As you seek to minister the Gospel, you'll find others are working "in your field". It may be awkward at first but build that relationship in the family of God.

- All of us can reach a minimum of one person or family this year. Think about it like this- you've got 48 weeks left to build, cultivate, and see a Gospel or Christian relationship flourish. At the end of this year, our church can have grown over 100 people.

May we be encouraged about the authority of Jesus Christ in the spiritual realm and our realm. He has commissioned and empowered us to work in this Gospel endeavor.

It is upon you but also to be enjoyed by you.

Pastor Paul Norton