Planting Churches Plant

So its that time of year where we can finally, hopefully, maybe not have any more freezing weather ( is Ohio...don't hold me to this).  Everywhere there are advertisements saying we ought to buy flowers and vegetables for planting.  They're on the radio, in the paper, in your inbox, and plastered on the windows of stores.  You don't hardly make your morning or evening commute without seeing someone out doing something with their garden.  Why? Because planting leads to plants (I know, my education is showing 😂 ).  Yet, the immediate results will not be seen for some time to come.  This reality does not stop us from planting because we know how the process works.  

Last Fall, our church partnered with one of our supported missionaries, Brad Henderson, to raise funds for a new church building in Endesak, Tanzania.  It was awesome to be a part of raising $8k+ of the $24k need.  Going back to my earlier revelation- planting leads to plants, let us rejoice now six months later at what is taking place!!!

Update from April 19th
Dear Pastor, Family and Friends, 

Thank you once again for your investment in the EBC building project. We are thankful to the Lord that this project has seen good success. We are also thankful that one of the builders has begun attending our Sunday morning service. Please pray for Emmanuel to soon trust Christ alone as his Savior. Please pray for the other 10 men who are on the property. As they come in contact with the WORD through our lives, speech and actions that they too would see their need for Christ.  

In Christ, The Hendersons Your Missionaries to Tanzania

Update from May 16th
Dear Pastor, Family and Friends, 

Thank you again for your investment in this building project. It has been a blessing to see how God is using your investment to expand His Kingdom and build the local Church. The EBC believers have been very faithful to come and work along side the builders to carry sand, water, cement and stones. It is exciting to see their excitement. We are also thankful that through their testimonies and witness we have seen 2 of the builders trust Jesus Christ as Savior! As the pictures show below, the walls are almost complete and Lord willing next week they will begin constructing and raising the trusses.  In Christ,  The Hendersons Your Missionaries to Tanzania

Faith Baptist- BE ENCOURAGED about how God used your giving last Fall to make a difference TODAY in Tanzania.

- Pastor Paul