Help Wanted -- Open Choir Members

Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee. (Ps. 67:3)

Tomorrow during our services at Faith Baptist Church, we will participate in what we call "open choir." On these unique Sundays that happen 3-5 times a year, we invite any and all people to join the church choir in the loft as we lift up our hearts and voices of praise to our God. Ever wondered why we provide such an opportunity? While many biblical and practical reasons abound, Psalm 67:3 provides two simple, yet profound reasons.

1. It Helps Us Focus Our Praise
No doubt you have heard the phrase, "Sing for an audience of One." While often trite, it rings an eternal truth. When we as the Church focus our praise and adoration on God alone, we are merely falling into line with all of creation (Ps. 98:4-9). The Psalmist encourages everything that has breath to praise the Lord (Ps. 150). We don't sing for ourselves or even for each other, but to show our God to be as majestic as He truly is through our praise.

2. It Helps Us Fully Realize Our Praise
God desires for all His people to praise Him. In fact, we are commanded to sing (Ps. 149:1). Our motivation to sing does not come from our perceived talent, training, or level of ability; but rather the Gospel. The freeing power of the Gospel is what enables each of us in Christ's church to fully praise Him as a corporate body together (Col. 3:16).

As you assemble tomorrow for our corporate time as Christ's church, let me encourage you...If you are a child of God, set free by the power of the Gospel, join us in the choir loft. Focus your praise on God alone and realize the beauty of all of God's people corporately praising Him.

-Pastor David