I'm Making It, When You're Making It

As a Sophomore, I remember hearing an encouraging chapel message that sustained me and others in my class through the difficult times of college life. His proposition was simply “I need you to make it if I am going to make it.” The message helped us as a student body to realize that we DO need other believers in our lives to challenge, sharpen and encourage us toward spiritual decisions. Often times you would hear around the campus, “Hey man, remember, I’m making it when you are making it.” I would often joke with friends: “I’m making it when you’re not making it.” Of course, we would laugh and give each other a hard time about how unspiritual and egotistical that statement was! I believe many of you know that I do enjoy sarcasm…at times. However, this thought was sustainable, because it was based on Biblical principles of godly fellowship and encouragement. The fact is, individuals need encouragement. Whether it is toward a spiritual decision, during a difficult time, or simply to brighten an outlook on a situation. Paul encourages believers to “exhort” or to urge each other daily from anything that would draw us away from the God. This would be in the form of accountability, or promoting a spiritual change in another brother/sister in Christ.

“But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. - Heb 3:13.

Paul also promotes the believer to comfort and edify one another during difficulties.

Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do. 1 Th 5:11.

The church body is designed to be a place of “edification” or building up. The question arises: “how can I do that?” Our goal must be to encourage those believers around us as they strive to “grow in the grace and knowledge” of our Savior.

- Written note
- Phone call
- Encouraging word
- Provide an opportunity for fellowship.
- Gift card
- Invite a friend for coffee or dinner

This week, I received a note from a close friend that I had in college. It contained a gift card to Starbucks for which I was thankful, (coffee is life). Perhaps the greater gift was the genuine note that he penned. It encouraged me and pointed me to Christ. I was certainly thankful as I am mindful of the time that he took to show me that he cared. How have you edified the body this week?

-Bro. Jordan