Lost on the Road to Emmaus

In Luke 24, one can read of two men that were disciples of Jesus of Nazareth. These two men; one named Cleopas, the other unnamed were lost—not physically lost, but certainly emotionally and spiritually distraught.

These two men are taking the seven-mile journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus. They are most likely heading home, as their teacher, Jesus had been brutally crucified just three days earlier. Followers of Christ for possibly three plus years were now lost and confused because of the circumstances surrounding the death of Christ and the disappearance of His body. Without the two travelers recognizing Him, the risen Jesus Christ draws near and begins to walk and talk with them. He notices their dejected walk and depressed talk and inquires of the two men the source of their sadness. Somewhat shocked that this stranger did not know what had taken place, the men then recount the events that had transpired the last few days in Jerusalem. Jesus proceeds to call these two men foolish, explaining that their problem with faith was not a lack of knowledge, but a lack of heart-based trust. Jesus then expounded the Scriptures that prophesied of Himself to remind them and assure them of the truth, beginning with the Law of Moses and continuing through the prophets.

After arriving in the village, the two men invite the stranger to join them for a meal and an overnight stay, certainly common in the culture of the day. As Christ blessed, brake, and gave them the bread, their spiritual eyes were opened, and they understood exactly Who sat before them. At that moment—Christ vanished. Consider what the two men state after Christ’s revealing and vanishing: “Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?” Even when these dejected, downcast, and discouraged followers did not recognize Christ, and may not have believed that Christ could have or had risen from the dead, their hearts still burned because of the ministry and power of the Word of God, both audibly spoken and taught to them and physically standing before them. It, the Word of God, drew them to a true faith in Christ as their Risen Savior.

As we celebrate the Lord’s Table this Saturday evening and our Lord’s resurrection this Sunday, be reminded of the power of God’s Word and the truth contained therein about Christ. As Paul wrote in Romans 10:17, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” If you find yourself in a state of sadness and discouragement like the two travelers to Emmaus many, many years ago; turn anew to Scripture and express real faith in the truth contained within the Word of God.

- Pastor David