Choir: A Reflection of the Body of Christ

Recently I came across a wonderful article that described the beauty and power of a choir's role in the church's praise of God. Within this article, the author described three ways wherein the choir is a reflection or microcosm of God's desire and plan within the Church. Being a part of church choirs since the age of 13 and now privileged to lead the Faith Baptist Choir, these reflections resonated with me.

1. Choirs Emphasizes the Whole Group Over the Parts

A choir can't have one person--that's a solo. A choir can't even have just a few people, relatively speaking--that's a quartet or ensemble. A choir requires a larger group of people, united under the purpose of singing a particular message together. Choir requires individuals to sacrifice self-interest to pursue the value of the whole.

Sounds like Christ's Church...

2. Choirs Demonstrate the Value of Each Person

While choir emphasizes the whole, each individual within the choir has value and worth. Each voice adds a unique part to the sound of the whole--a sound incomplete when all the voices are not present. A choir takes the unique gifting and voice of each individual and incorporates it into a greater purpose or mission.

Sounds like the Body of Christ...

3. Choirs Illustrate the Diversity of Gifts in the Church

The varying levels of ability within the Faith Baptist Choir would probably surprise those not involved in it. Every choir has a wide range of talent, skills, and training. Each individual can add more than a musical contribution to the choir--they can add spirit, commitment, dedication, joy, service, encouragement, and much more. Any choir is better when these spiritual gifts are employed alongside one's musical ability.

Sounds like the local Church...

I pray that each week you are encouraged towards greater praise by the choir at Faith Baptist Church, but I also earnestly pray that you will be exhorted to greater involvement, participation, and service to the Body of Christ by recognizing how the choir you see weekly is simply a reflection of how each member of the Body of Christ should be invested in God's desire and mission for His church.

-Pastor David