His Worth in Your Walk

Tomorrow we begin a new book study from Colossians. All year we will be examining the idea of His worth in our walk. The idea being that we are conformed to the image of Christ as a disciple. This worth isn't found in what we attempt for Christ or seek to muster up in good efforts, but rather, it is the yielded soul of faith that submits to the Spirit's work. As He works in our life in the inner man, the evidence of His control is demonstrated through the fruit of the outer man. Thus, our lives become a reflection or picture of Who Christ is. A few thoughts about this for 2018:

I. This isn't religious habit- I go to this, I do that, I have to do this, I can't say that. Our motivations, choices, actions, reactions, and interactions ought to stem from His worthiness. We ground ourselves in Him and His economy.

II. This should be continual- This ought not to be a "really good sermon got hold of me" moment or caused by a crisis driven cry out. Each day His worth should be reflected. The reality of Christ and His work should polarize us to view each day through such a paradigm.

III. This should impact those around us- The world sees enough Christians that think, respond, and live as they do- those without spiritual life or victory. The themes of the Scriptures that reveal Christ should be displayed by the Spirit in our lives. It should characterize our interactions with those God has stewarded into our- work, school, hobbies, neighborhood, etc.

IV. This can characterize our fellowship- Christ said that the world would see the dramatic difference in believers by the love of His Spirit in our lives and the elevated relational fellowship we enjoy with one another. This means going beyond the trite, "Good to see you, glad you're here, love you" often exchanged during a service. Trust, vulnerability, humility, servitude, self-denial- these are to be easily seen.

I want to challenge the various groups at Faith Baptist: If you attend Faith but still are unsure about Jesus Christ and the salvation we speak of, would you be willing to set up a coffee appointment with myself or one of our pastoral staff members? We'd appreciate the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and answer your questions.

If you are an attender (long time or short)- I want to challenge you to value His worth in the Church by becoming accountable as a member, giving towards the Gospel, and employing your spiritual gift. Would you e-mail us at info@includefaith.org and set up a time to answer any questions you have about Faith?

If you are a member- Let me ask you a probing question- is the Gospel endeavor in our church, community, and mission field furthered by your participation in Christ's Church? If there is not a confident answer of how Christ's Church was helped and the Gospel was furthered within the past few weeks even, let's talk about how Christ can change that. Call or e-mail me (pastor@includefaith.org) so you can discover what God is desirous and able to do through you!

- Pastor Paul